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All stock sold from Power Poultry is born and raised here - we do not buy in chickens for re-sale! Each chick is wormed, free ranged, conditioned to a peak of health and handled from a young age.

Please do not buy on impulse ! Plan for the arrival of your new family member ensuring housing is in place (and fox proof!), that you have sourced a good local feed merchant and that you and the family have some time each day to spend with your 2 legged family addition.

We are always available to answer any questions you may have before (and after) purchase!

Stock updated in June 2014

Partridge wyandotte Bantam Hen £20.00

Stunning girl fit, fat and happy now ready for a loving new home.She is nice and friendly.Will make a great garden bird she has just been treated for worms and been done for lice and mites.Will make a great pet for the garden that will lay you lots of nice eggs.Tel 07753 241540 01945 882093.We open 7 days a week so feel free to come and see what we have.

Mixed Breed LF Hens £15.00

These should start laying any day now.These were born early last year so are now just over a year old.I got some eggs from ebay and as you can see they are not pure breed.These will still make a nice garden bird and will lay you some nice eggs.Tel 01945 882093 or 07753241540

Light Sussex Large Fowl £20.00 Each

Nice fit healthy birds just coming into lay now all 20 weeks plus.Have been wormed and treated for lice and mites.Tel 01945 882093 or 07753241540

Cuckoo Maran Large Fowl Pullets POL

Nice and big at POL all have been wormed and treated for lice and mites.Phone 01945 882093 or 07753241540

Baby Rabbits Now ready for new home £15.00 Each

These are just so cute mum and dad can be seen.These are now ready for there new homes.All Black and White 2 Girls and 1 boy.

Blue and Black Pekin Pullets £20.00 each

Nice happy little birds and great with children now ready for new homes. Phone 01945 882093 or 07753241540

Red Belgian Hares £25.00 Each

Three Stunning Belgian Hare bucks. Now ready for new homes parent stock can be seen.Will make great breeders or for show females ready in 2 weeks time.From different bloodlines.

Dutch Bantam hen £15.00

This sweet little girl is now a fully grown hen and his ready for her new life. She has moved in with the breeding group of Black pekins so is use to mixing with other bantams. Tel 01945 882093 or 07753241540

Chicken Huts made to order £129.99 to £169.99

This hut is 3 foot By 2 foot and can be painted in Green, Brown or Blue. Comes with 6 foot run. This would be best suited to 3 bantams. We also do a larger size for 3 large fowl at £169.99 this is 4 foot x 3 foot and has a 4 foot x 6 foot run.All are painted white inside to make seeing mite much easer if they invade the coop.Full starter packs also available to including all you need to get started.Please call in and come and see the coops first hand.Telephone 01945 88209307753 241540 We are in Terrington St John. The image is off the 3 x 2 Coop and run

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